Friday, 20 January 2012

A woman advising her husband to pray in congregation

If a woman advises her negligent husband to do his prayers in the mosque or she expresses anger with regard to that, is she guilty of sin, because his rights over her are so great?

Praise be to Allaah.
A woman is not guilty of sin if she advises her husband when he does something that Allaah has forbidden, such as taking the matter of prayer in congregation lightly or drinking intoxicants or staying up late at night. Rather she will be rewarded for that. What is prescribed is that the advice should be given in a kindly and polite manner, because that makes it more acceptable and more beneficial. 
Its the responsibility of every Moslem in learning quran and read tajweed and we also have to teach our kids Quran and not only the Quran teaching we should let then be aware of the basic of Islam and why it was reviled you bet it was vituperated and truth teaching of holy Quran and with tajweed quran we read Quran we can understand better all the replies that are asked if we study koran from a qualified Quran tutor he will let you know verity heart of Islam and why koran was reviled for it we should gain the ability of the Book with there translation and the context of when those verses were reviled and why and that is only potential when we keep on with not simply learning quran for beginners but gaining the information of Quran tafseer and one query that we all is necessary to ask our self that why we all are here in the world to do good acts or to do bad human action to promote correct or to promote incorrect and will we be answerable to any one after this life of not then the enquiry remains the exact same that the reasons why we are here in the world but if yes then whom we have to reply is there any Lord All these response exist when we go deep in to the Quran education do Quran reading and the so let us unite hands to full fill our responsibility. We all must do quran memorization and listen to quran online when ever we have time to stay in touch

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