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Be Safe in Muslim Networking!

Here is a quick guide on how you can stay safe in muslim networking...
Keep yourself Protected!
When you decide to network, just remember that there are many bad people in addition to good people on the world wide web. So some might try to send you a virus or send in a reel to hook out your personal details. My advice is stay protected with a good software such as Norton or Mcafee (believe me you rather invest some money in something good and well known then go for a cheapy free one that will not give you much protection or might be a spyware tool).
Do not give out your personal details to strangers and don't meet up with people you do not know much. If you are going to meet up with someone make sure you verify them and most Importantly take someone with you, such as a friend or a family member.
Always keep a eye open when the little ones are online (such as your little brothers/sisters or your children are online). Make sure you don't invades their privacy too much as they might not like it but If you suspect they are doing something wrong then sit down and talk with them in a polite and caring way. Be there for your family and friends and help everyone network safely.
Stay away from fanatics!
We now live in to time where there are some fanatics on the increase who like taking advantage of innocent Muslims. They might brainwash you in a horrible way.
So just remember that Islam always College love and peace and not violence or hatred. If you get annoyed a lot by these idiots then simply block and delete them or inform the forum mod or get in touch with the networking site owner.
Remember you are in-control of your life and not any other idiot!
Seek the right Knowledge!
If you network to seek Islamic Knowledge then believe me half of the people on the web like deceiving others into believing anything. So always be smart and prepare to do some of your own research and verify information.
Prophet Muhammad (saw) "Its a duty upon every Muslim to seek Knowledge from the cradle to the grave"
Your Imam in the local mosque would be a good start or good Muslim family members and friends. Forum such as Ummah forum is also a good one as its the largest online Islamic forum which is kept moderated. I myself like networking there sometimes.
Be patient and stay polite!
Sometimes you will come across abusive and angry individuals when you debate or leave your views. Islam College us to be patient and polite at all times so don't fall to their level and behave in a negative manner. Always be patient and polite and have to positive attitude. This will make you smile and remind you that we are the followers of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and we try following his sunnah the best way we can.
Don't miss your prayer!
Last but not the least brothers and sisters...
When we network online we sometimes go too deep in discussions and forget about our salah (prayer). (I myself have been caught up in this situation when im hooked on to a Intresting thread on a forum or when i'm talking to some friends online).
1 way of overcoming this issue is telling some 1 in your household/office to remind you at a certain time. You could always set to alarm on your watch/clock.
Make sure you take time out to pray so Allaah (swt) can keep you protected online and offline.
It may Allah (swt) guide us all and keep us all safe online... Feel free to leave more advice or comment (s) to this short article... Thank you for your short time... Peace Out!

Advice to the United States of a Muslim

The 9-11 terrorists attack generates a demand insatiable news and columns which fell quite short, to present an accurate portrait of Islam.
The public should be made aware of the best examples of the sincerity of this religion and you know it's only purpose to g-D.
This article presents several principles that address the notion that extremism is acceptable in Islam.
When it is considered fairly, is obvious, that the faithful of Islam have kept away from the most profound principles of their faith.
Taking innocent lives. Savagely killing without conscious. Collectively, mankind rejects such behaviour, and only fools think that g-D accept those actions.
Even when looking for relief of domination, Islam offers to his followers and the world, disenchanted instruction which cancel all forms of extremism.
Through the Prophet Muhammad, Islam instructs Muslims to"fight" until there is no more persecution, and religion is free to g-D
The first part of this verse tells us that once an enemy to stop aggression, Muslims are to stop fighting against them also.
Most important part says that religion is to be free for g d and that means that there is the possibility of that religion cannot be actually free of d G. There is a chance, religion may not be set correctly in the village.
Religion may fall into the clutches of the oppressors that used to keep the ignorant masses, under their control, used to their own selfish benefit and not allow religion to be free as he intended to g-D. Nor should be religion will be used by the Government, or for those who want to dominate the people, but leave it free to the individual having his life with his g-D. A full life. A full freedom. The Quran mandates it. Prophet Muhammad established.
It is a flagrant lack of Muslims, forget what g-D says of the Prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an that Muhammad is sufficient as a leader for all people and he can be found an excellent model to follow. Contradicting this model it is not acceptable if it claims to Prophet Muhammad as their leader.
Muhammad was a Pacific man who doesn't want to fight. He took terrible abuses and I had still never had the fighting spirit. G-d had him I send: "fight until there is no more persecution, and religion is free to g-D". Not have it in their nature to fight. But when the revelation came to command him to fight it was his nature to obey (d) (g).
When Muhammad went to war, he ordered the Muslims to follow a code of ethics. To keep the Muslim behavior insurance and not let war change his nature by being motivated by the cruelty of the war. Muslims should not treat civilians as people who were armed against them. Any damage to civilians! Even not said that any damage to crops or trees of the people depended on for his life.
Therefore this cruel behavior that the world has witnessed did Muhammad the Prophet and certainly not of Islam. Such cruelty was produced by the influences of the world.
When reading the Qur'an Muslims are reminded that g-D says: "And follow his best".
This tips for reading any writing. Religion invites people on many different levels. Different levels of understanding, of different levels of morality, different levels of sincerity, etc. etc. etc..
So there are extremists who read the Koran and read in it something that does not exist. In the same way that the claim of the Ku Klux Klan have a few pages is after the Bible. They take only the worse themselves, not the best themselves. Both are still what they think that these pages suggest to them with the very strange mind have.
Extremism is not part of the system of faith of Islam. But West has unfairly labeled Islam as the religion of violence and is wrong in its core, knowing from experience that America stumbled even before that she found his foot today.
It can be much written about how former slaves of United States not to attack and try to destroy the beautiful premise found in the spirit of the noble document that came out of the 13 colonies at the time of seeking the independence of the British.
With Frederick Douglass leading the way, he made an appeal to the moral conscience of leaders and reminded them of gross inconsistencies and deficits, which exhibits his citizenship, in order to keep your disgusting system of slavery. It was his behaviour that was invalidated. Not the guiding principles set out in and acclaimed in their foundational documents of this country.
American well if they took a page from that story and make a clear distinction between what the religion Islam represents a and the lack of respect for what are in fact showing his followers.
Similar to the descendants of the former slave owners have finally come to understand the message that constitutes a special idea of the United States of freedom, West should remind the Muslim of the major principles of the faith world demands of Islam, but how shameful is terribly have strayed from their own religion.

If Arnold Palmer was a Muslim

There is a saying that "Golf is like life only on a large scale". Have you noticed how people tie their self-esteem to its most recent rating? Golf has psychologists Golf, but for which no psychiatrists in golf? What is the psychiatric reason for 50 wars going on in the world today? Why golfers from around the world can get along perfectly but relatives are demanding each other? If today there was a modern great young looking clone of Arnold Palmer and if it was a Muslim there would not be any conflict in the Middle East. Japan would make any Japanese golfer winning the Masters Emperor Hirohito. It is my imagination or liked Japan bomb Pearl Harbor, but the time in which Isao Aoki had bent his putter until the flag at full mast United States and Japan became best friends?
Golfers have connections, but why not use? Butch Harmon spent 3 years as the Sultan of Dubai personal golf coach. Why United States does not Butch Ambassador to the United Nations rather than John Bolton.? He got the job because it relates to Michael Bolton? If the clone of Arnold Palmer modern was a Muslim named Muhammad Palmer and was invited to the Masters champions dinner, then, instead of calling Americans "The great Satans" Muslims could be idolizing Muhammad Palmer today and Augusta Georgia became the third holiest place in Islam, just behind Mecca and the Temple Mount. In order to save life on Earth, does United States can't send Butch Harmon, David Ledbetter, Hank Haney, Dave Pelz and a Korean coach ladies golf in Dubai and quickly develop some boy named Muhammad in the largest golfer since Bobby Jones? Imagine that the 18th fairway on the afternoon of Sunday at Augusta lined with Kafiyas and Burke shows Mulsims billion Jazeera Muhammad Palmer birdies 18 to beat Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Michelle Wie. Eternal peace on earth would be forever. It leaves Fuzzy Zoeller insult the falafel at the champions dinner. He would be beheaded in the locker room, which raises the question, "How would golf be so popular without violence?" The answer is that it is a distraction from violence. If you want the violence then only see Ann Coulter on CNN. How dare she call that lovely college girl "Miss Smartie Pants".?

A Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood

How the Muslim Brotherhood was established and what are its main ideologies? Is this movement different than the current movements that carry its banner and had military tendencies? How does the West in general and the United States in particular see and deal with this movement?
The Muslim Brotherhood, the best known and widespread movement in the Arab and Muslim World. Al - Ikhwan Al - Muslimun, as they are called in Arabic, was founded in 1928 by Hassan al - Banna, 22-year-old elementary school teacher and social reformer from Egypt. Al - Banna came from a well educated family in a Al-shari'a, the Muslim law. His father was a preacher in a Cairo mosque and by profession, he was a watchman repair. Hassan al - Banna was inspired by and belonger to Sufi movement. At his early age, have actively participated in the political life during the British occupation of Egypt. I received his education in Cairo and was deeply disturbed by Western influence upon the Egyptian social fabrics. I have the secular west perceived as corrupt, morally and was deeply concerned by how Muslims were drifting away from the path of Islam.
The two most influential reformers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were Muhammad Abduh and Jamal al - Din al - Afghani. Both of them were considered the founding fathers of modernizing Islam. Looking at western superior economic, technological and military power, ' Abduh was shocked by decline of a once powerful Arab and Muslim community, to Al-ummah. In his opinion, Islam had greatly drifted from the righteous path and from the main principles that were prevalent during the life of the Prophet Muhammad and the four Kalifate. Modern Muslims need to Su early "pious Henri" or "Al-salaf Al-Salih", who practiced to correct form of Islam. I mainly advocated education as the basis to redirect Muslim and to bridge the gap between Islam with modernity.
Jamal al - Din al - Afghani shared most of 'Abdu's philosophy and teachings. He was, however, more of to political activist that a scholar. Al - Afghani was raised in Iran, but it was in Cairo that I began his political activism. I have traveled widely in Europe and was astonished to see the progress there while The Muslim world suffered from backwardness. I, similar to ' Abduh, advocated the return to the ideals of Islam to regain the power lost against colonial powers.
Al - Banna was deeply affected by 'Abduh and al - Ahfghani's views of how to revive Islam. But it was Rashid Rida, a Syrian and a disciple of Abdu, who influenced al - Banna the most. To jurist and an able scholar, Rida did not totally ascribe to Islamic traditions. "I have blamed the faqih or"ulama"for most of the ills of society as they failed to educate the masses to achieve progress. All these three earlier reformers shared a common vision: to rebuild a nation that long had been in decline.
El-Banna's message was loud and clear. I have preached against western secularization and cultural decay of Muslim society. I did not believe that religion and politics are separable. I intended the movement to be a reformist movement designed to revive Islam during its declining stage. This spiritual ideology had a mission to combat social decadence and religious ineptness. It was due to al-Banna's charismatic leadership that new recruits joined its ranks. The organization's original main purpose was to foster religious education, to improve the life of the less fortunate through charity, and to promote the establishment of Islamic nation. It was opposed to violence and practiced peaceful means to achieve its objectives. Al - Banna was able to bridge the gap between the idealism of ' Abduh and the realism and activism of al - Afghani.
The movement actively participated in the 1948 war against Israel. It gained popularity shortly thereafter. Al - Banna was gunned down in 1949 at the age of 43. During the 1950s, Sayyid Qutb became its most influential intellectual and leader of the Movement. His famous books, Ma'alem fi al - Tariq (Milestones) and Fi Zilal al - Quran (In the Shadows of the Quran), were widely read by the members of the Movement. I have advocated concepts such as "jihad" and "Takfeer" those who abandoned Islam and become infidels, unbelievers. Although I got his university education in the United States, Qutb was the secular and materialistic life however I have observed in America. I have rejected western values as inferior to the purity of Islam.
Today, Al - Ikhwan, or the Brotherhood, is one of the most influential organizations in the modern Arab World. It is mostly active in Egypt, Gaza, Syria, and Jordan and had many adherents in Saudi Arabia and North Africa. It operates openly in many countries and most of the time it is gone underground. It has a large base among the poor which is mainly attributed to its widespread network of charity. The organization does not overextended military approach to take power from secularist regimes but to work in the framework of current political system to gain recognition and win seats in the parliament. It is perceived as a moderate movement in comparison to more radical ones and does not subscribe to the terrorist organization of al - Qa'ida ' eda led by Osama Bin Laden and his deputy al - Zawaheri. It is considered to moderate voice among the competing ideologies where the United States refuses to acknowledge or deal with it directly.

How to book Islam by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri can command

Islamic books written by Dr Qadri is diverse in topic and confirms the reader to learn to live according to the basic principles of Islam. Research and knowledge that gave additional advantages to the basic concepts and preach Islam to the masses.

Tahir ul Qadri Dr. Muhammad is the last day of the giant Islamic scholars with expertise in Islamic terms. He has authored over 360 books on Islamic religious themes are diverse. Although his books were written in English, Urdu and Arabic, however, have more translated into different languages ​​to meet the large Muslimcommunities living in various countries around the world. He also founded an Islamic humanitarian organization, the important point is to educate people in the fields of Islamic sciences and to promote peace, unity and understanding among various Muslim communities and non-Muslims.

The Five Pillars of Islam Which Every Muslim Should Obey in the Lifetime

Religions are made to make the people systematic and organized. There are millions of people in the world and everyone has got own entity and belief that makes then different and distinct from others. Therefore there are numerous religions existing in the world. The human being is normally free to accept the belief that suits the thoughts or that can guide the person to the spiritual and external growth as well. One of such most popular religion in the world is Islam.
The people who are following the Islam religion are called Muslims and they are having widest numbers of followers in the world. Right now, Islam is the second most followed religion of the world after Christian. The way every religion is having their own commandments and orders that construct the constitution of the religion, Muslims are also having the same. The way Christians are having the "Ten Commandments", the Hindus are having "Five Veds" and the Jains are having "Panch Mahaavrats", Islam is also having five basic rules that should be followed by the Muslim who is born in the family of Islam follower. Here the five Pillars explained.
* The Shahadah
Shahadah is the statement which states and spreads the philosophy of monotheism and is convincing every Muslims to believe that Muhammad is the real messenger of God and he is the only messenger in the world. This is the basic ground of belief for every Muslims and should be followed strictly by everyone.
* The Salah
Salah is the synonymous of the daily payer that is compulsory for every Muslims to perform. There are five prayers for the Islam believers, the Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha'a. These five names indicated the different time of prayer. The Fajr means the Dawn prayer, the Duhr is the noon prayer, the Asr is the afternoon prayer, the Maghrib is the sunset prayer and Isha is the late evening prayer. These prayers are having different meanings and beliefs and are quite important for the followers especially in the holy month of Ramadan. These prayers are done in the direction of Mecca. Imam Hussein Karbala is the holiest and pivotal pilgrimage center for the Muslims which is located near Mecca.
* The Zakat
This is one of the charities offering process for the Muslims who are capable of doing so. This rule is obligatory for everyone who are having the abilities to offer something to their brothers from the money they have accumulated for their lives. This is not the mandatory worship and is totally relied on the persona; approach as it is the personal responsibility to make the brother and sisters of same religion to get the most affiliated helps from others. There are four principles that are making this ritual better and smarter.
* The Sawm (Siyam)
Sawm is one of the holiest acts for the Muslims. Normally they keep fasts in the month if Ramadan and break their fasts ay Kuwait City which is the most respected place for all the Muslims of the world. The fasting is classified in three different types as the Ritual Fasting, compensating fasting for the repentance and ascetic fasting which makes them more pure fro the soul and lives.
* The Hajj
The dream of every Muslim is to have a visit to Kaaba which is located in Mecca. This pilgrimage is considered as the ultimate ritual of the follower. This pilgrimage can not be dome anytime as they are having the specific month and time in which the pilgrims make their spirit holy by praying and touching the Holy Mecca Spot. The dress code and many more conditions at this place reveals that the nonviolence principle of Islam. The basic of Islam is quite emphasizing the factor of Brotherhood and peace.
There are some of the most popular mosques and pilgrimage centers for Muslims among which the Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem is the post visited.
These are the Five Pillars of Islam. Get better growth of humanity and make the world peaceful according to the orders of Holy angel of the world Muhammad.

Expeditionasiat is the site where the religions and sight seeing are offered with exclusive coverage of explanation. This site is making the lives of the people more growing and holier. The religion of Islam and the principles of Five Pillars is also revealed quite magnificently in this site. This site is making visitors more knowledgeable and informative about different comcepts of the world. The existence of different religions and rituals are also cleared at the site with the descriptions of holy places of different religions. Have a visit and expedite the best places of Asia at

Muslim Dynamics ISI - Osama bin Laden (OBL) Nexus

On 09 November 2001, Islamic terrorists had attacked the World Trade Centre (WTC) towers in the USA and the entire structure, which was constructed using millions of tons of steels and concretes, had dissipated in thin air with in a few minutes in front of entire world people's eyes. The attack had not only shaken the Americans but had also forced the Western Nations to view emerging Islamic Fundamentalist and Terrorists Threat (IFTT) to the world Peace at the transnational levels. Why Islamic terrorists had roasted 3037 innocent civilians alive would never be known to the kith and Kin of dead people? Is Pakistan a Terrorist State?
Anyhow, I feel that the attack on USA soil was with the twin aim of one, demonstrating Muslim terrorists resolve to resist USA hegemony; and the second to convey a message to the Western Nations that terrorist can strike at every place on the earth at will. President Bush's efforts in post WTC attack had forged a unity amongst the Western nations to fight the menace of International Islamic Terrorism (IIT). I would say that till 9/11/01, all the previous US Government's were immune to the pains, sufferings and miseries of victims of ISI premeditated and executed frequent terrorist's attacks in India. Though, US foreign policy makers were very faintly acknowledging Indians cries against Pakistani sponsored terrorism; but they had continuously maintained double standard policy towards curbing Pakistan. I am still sure that WTC attack could not have be carried out without intricate knowledge and planning of notorious ISI Agency of Pakistan. The urgency with which President Bush Junior had spelled out USA's intention to bring perpetrators of WTC 9/11/01 attack to justice, had still remained a remote dream of US even today. Though the Bush administration had been able to garner world leaders' opinion against terrorism, but USA had miserably herself failed in all field of curtailing terrorism at international level and to bring Osama-bin-Laden (OBL) to justice. What to talk about capturing and punishing, the US entire war machinery could not even come to know where about of OBL till date. OBL is believed to be very much alive under ISI protégé in the safe heavens of NWFPA areas in Pakistan.
Pakistan's Cantankerous Game victims: India and USA
Why has USA so far failed to capture Osama-bin-Laden?
Reply to my question is hidden in the Government of India's (GOI) repeated attempts of exposing Pakistan's notorious ISI-OBL-Dawood trio international terrorists links and ISI role in exporting international terrorists from Pakistan terrorists producing factories running from various Madarssas. ISI knows that US can do nothing without their help; therefore, the Pakistan government is playing double game both with India and US. While Pakistan had convinced, the US leaderships that she is training foreign terrorists to fight Jihad in Kashmir; but actually ISI is stealthy smuggling out foreign terrorists trained in those camps to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight against US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation nation's forces. Why ISI had chosen Afghan-Pakistan border areas as safe heaven for OBL is very evident from ISI infamous design of playing double standard game with USA. ISI is very sure that USA will never be able to apprehend fugitive OBL without Pakistan help, therefore, the entire Pakistani government machinery is making all out efforts to milk billions and trillions of US dollars before either OBL dies his natural death or is about to die. ISI hawks know that if USA is able to locate OBL by any chance, the Pakistan Government would force him to crossover to Afghanistan to clean Pakistan bloody linens. I am still sceptical that ISI would handover mortal remains of Osama to desperate USA leadership to gain home face savings victory. US policy makers know that Islamic Terrorism cannot be fought without Pakistani support; therefore, all their foreign policies in South East Asia are Pakistan centric. While Pakistan is trying to milk US maximum on one side, she is orchestrating fight against foreign terrorists settled permanently in NWFP hill areas on the other. These foreign terrorists are actually those Jihadies who were enrolled to fight Jihad in the world anywhere.
While Pakistan is trying to contain terrorism on her soil using Army; she wants Indian government to resolve through dialogue and peaceful means in Kashmir. ISI is training, feeding, arming and providing all logistic support to Indian terrorists hiding in Pakistan. ISI does not allow any US military observer to visit Terrorists Training Camps (TTC) in Pakistan Occupied Poonch and Kashmir (POPK) to keep the number of foreign terrorists being trained suspicious so that Pakistan could stealthily smuggle out most of the foreign trained terrorists to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight Jihad against US only.
IIT Training Factories in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sudan
USA and Western Nations should understand that until unless international terrorists manufacturing and exporting factories set up in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Ethiopia are not completely dismantled and destroyed, the world cannot be freed from IIT. Indian intelligence agencies have listed nearly 34 TTC in POPK to fight covert war in Kashmir. Infact, it is the ISI design to continue training terrorists in the garb of Kashmir problem overtly and train and supply IIT to other part of the world discreetly. The recent exposure of Multinational ethnic Muslim Terrorists training camp in Muzzaffrabad district of POPK has still not opened US eyes of double cross. I cannot believe that US government is unaware of various TTC setup in Pakistan. I am very sure that all the international terrorists from Kashmir, Bangladesh, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other Muslim countries are trained to fight Jihad, therefore, terrorists trained in POPK camps are to fight against USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and other non-Islamic nations. ISI is directly routing these IIT to fight Jihad not against India and Israel but against USA and the West. If I understand Pakistani leader's paycheque well then I will assure the World that it is ISI only which is actually supplying trained terrorists to Taliban in Afghanistan and Al-Qaida in Iraq. It is the agony of fact that ISI is training IIT with funds received from USA to fight against USA and Western countries only.
Fears of President Mohammad Hafiz Karzai of Afghanistan are not baseless. Pakistan is solely responsible for continued unrest in Afghanistan. Karzai had time and again cried ISI links with Taliban and other terrorist's outfits in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Muslim Fundamentalist Organisations operating from Pakistan are funding Taliban. They are also arranging logistic support for rest and recuperating for injured terrorists and safe heaven for transiting terrorists and their leaders wanted by US. Though the world leaders had acknowledging the role of Pakistan in supporting Taliban in Afghanistan and Al-Qaida in Iraq; but the US officials keep their eyes shut. In addition to Pakistan, a large number of foreign terrorists are entering in Afghanistan which are trained in Bangladesh, Taliban controlled areas in Afghanistan and Sudan. The US own intelligence agencies had revealed that a large numbers of Al-Qaida terrorists, who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, are being trained in Sudan as well.
Why USA is closing her eyes towards the future rising Islamic Terrorists and Fundamentalists threat to the world peace is not known; but the attack on US citizens' world over would certainly increase in the coming years ahead.
Is Pakistan a Rogue State?
Pakistan was born as a rogue state, she is a rogue State and she would remain as a rogue state said Sri Jagannath BA in 1965 after first Indo-Pak war while addressing a small school children assembly in Village Piplia on 26 January 1966 AD. I feel that until unless ISI is ruling and Pakistan continued to ascertain his dominant role in Islamic world, there are remote chances of world peace. Pakistan cannot compete with Saudi Arabia in anyway due to hardliner fanatics and fundamentalist's control of Mosques and Madarssas.
World Peace: Prerequisites
The Prophet had founded Islam to bring unity, universal brotherhood, equality and peace amongst his followers preaching to take arms only to defend and not to wage war other religions. However, Muslim followers had taken on the responsibility of spreading Islam on themselves using Sword and world had become the battlefield of newly founded Islam and old traditional Christianity. While Islam had spread using sword rapidly, the Christianity took nearly fifteen centuries to reach other corners of the World. Though Prophet had never propagated spreading Islam using sword but his follower with vested interest had become saviour of Islam. The Muslim fundamentalists and self proclaimed Islamic leaders had followed violence to suppress followers which is still continuing unabated. If Islamic religious leaders do not visualise and comprehend the future needs of Muslim people, then there would never be lasting peace on the planet Earth.
I feel that world can never witness peace until unless:-
One; Islamic clergy reviews, redefine or remove the world Kaffir or Infidel or Non-Muslims from their religious scripture from 'The Holy Quran'
Two; Muslims bring equality amongst both sexes human life that is male and female or man and woman. How can there be peace; where four women evidences are equated with one man evidence.
Three; there is a basic inevitability for Islamic scholars, clergy and intelligentsia to sit and review the way of Muslims life with changing technologies and advancement of science in human life. I feel that until unless:-
• Islamic scholars review their way of leading social life within the modified scope of Hadit (Rule of Prophet Life) and Shriyaya (Way of leading life like Prophet) is followed religiously. My study on over a thousand Muslim families in rural and urban areas had revealed that ninety five percent Muslims do not follow five dictates of the Prophet daily. Most of them feel that there is a need for Islamic clergy and intelligentsia to review the Hadit and Shriyaya with change of time and bring changes suiting modern way of life and better living standards.
• Fundamentalists bring a drastic change in their outlook in imparting basic Islamic Teachings. I have visited hundreds of Islamic Madarssas where the fundamentalists only teach and spread hatred, hatred and hatred against Kaffirs. Muslim tender mind day breaks after reciting the basic teachings of the Holy Quran, and ends after injecting highly poisonous and hatred filled education hatred towards Kaffirs, the Infidels. Each and every Madarssas in Pakistan is producing hardcore Islamic fanatics who have only understood the basic difference between Muslims, the believers and the Kaffirs unbelievers that all Kaffir Males are enemy of Muslims, therefore, they had to be eliminated. This is the truth of Islamic nations Madarssas which our future generations had to face and live.
• The pure Islamic nations have to take lead in educating other Muslim nations to spread peaceful and Positive teachings of "the Holy Quran" as Christians have done after reading 'the Holy Bible'. Let the God and his messenger, 'the Prophet' do the punishing of Kaffirs, sinners and others and not the fanatics.
• Muslims stop killings of animals through Halal. Every Muslim male grows with the basic Psychological Mental Imbalance Disorder Syndrome of Cruelty (PMIDSC), therefore, the cruelty and sycophancy grow his strong character traits thus developing and harbouring the Basic Instinct of Cruelty and Brutality (BICB). This PMIDSC instinct had taken the shape of hatred against Kaffirs when imparted as education in fundamentalists controlled Madarssas.
Four; Muslims should stop considering uncontrolled growing population not by the will of God but due to their lust. Every years birth of a newly born child is attributed to the will of the God and not own sexual lust. I had lived with a Muslim couple in Sri Lanka who had thirty children. He had fifteen sons, nine daughters alive and six sons and nine daughters sleeping in the graveyard. If Muslims continue to carryout unprotected intercourses regularly, the biological process had to commence. The poverty, crime, social instability, increasing unemployment, falling life standards and hatred towards rich are the true cause of increasing population evil. If Muslims stop considering woman the tilth their population could be controlled, thereby, raising their leaving standards. Infact Pakistan and Bangladesh being Muslim Nations had recorded minus population growth in their census. Even now days, most of the well to do Muslim families had only two to three children. However, Muslim clergies and fundamentalist exhort poor Muslims to continue procreating children for Islamic cause.
A happy family makes happy society and happy society the Happy Nation and the happy world.
Five; there is an urgent need of comprehensive efforts to develop Muslim nations and areas world over. However, such development can only be restricted to a well planned, people controlled and educated society, otherwise, this unending cycle of improvement in leaving standards would be negated with manifold growth of population. India is the living hell on earth where every strata of society is being given equal opportunities but the system is still rotting. What is actually happening that when the Indian government is offering jobs to present hundred people of a particular society, another thousand surface a year later. How could then, the leaving standards of such poverty ridden people be raised? How could standards of those people raised who do not themselves contribute towards their own social growth? A normal average Muslim family strength in India is above six or seven and the world six.
Future Islamic Nation's Challenges
My thirty years of study and research has revealed that there are numerous basic social and traditional differences within Muslim society. While liberal Muslims are ready to accept changes in the society with modern time and space, the fundamentalists are not ready to accept any deviation from the Prophet's Hadit and Shriyaya. I feel that if Muslims do not change with the changing times, there would be large scales unrest, violation, and anarchy world over. Muslim intelligentsia has to consider open and liberal religious policy outside the Holy Quran and leave a breathing space for other religious ethnicity. I would discuss various issues which world leaders had to think about while dealing with Muslims in future;

I, S Kalpna Sharma, am a freelance journalist who frequently write on various issues relating human values. My impetus of debate has been always focused on current issues which affect human beings life and social behavior. As always try to bring out debates on human values, my readers support base become large.

The best tips for happiness as a Muslim woman

Marriage is fulfilling half of one's religious duties in Islam. Therefore, learning to be a confident, supportive, loving, wise and righteous wife should be a top priority for all Muslim women once they are married. And, in doing so, Muslim wives have the profound power to offer much happiness to this world, as noted in the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him,
"This world is nothing but temporary conveniences, and the greatest joy in this world is a righteous wife". (Sahih Muslim).
Learning new methods to help Muslim wives fulfill their duties and responsibilities to their husband, family and household are also seen as completing critical acts of worship to Allah, may He be glorified. Listed below are some tips for a Muslim Wife striving to reach new levels of happiness for herself and her family:
Understand your duties, roles and responsibilities as a Muslim Wife. By understanding that your husband is the Imam, spiritual leader, of your family should give you great peace of mind. The ultimate responsibility of providing for the family financially, spiritually, physically, morally, and emotionally lies on his shoulders. And, the consequences of his abilities to do it appropriately and righteously are weighed on his scale of good and bad deeds. His inability to advise or provide correctly may incur sins by Allah because he is failing in his duties as the Imam. For example, if he advises you or your children to do something unacceptable in Islam, and you obey his wishes, he incurs the sin for teaching you wrongly as well as your sins for doing the sinful act. Therefore, you should appreciate the great blessing for solely being responsible for what is inside the home, your children and wealth.
Strive to be your husband's partner in this life deserving of the hereafter. You should strive to reach the highest level of heaven, furdose, together. Offer him the comfort and joy to do the difficult yet extremely rewarding acts of worship. For example, be his alarm clock for fajr, make sure he does not miss his prayers or jummah (congregational prayer on Friday). Prepare a healthy suhoor (breakfast before fasting) and have iftar (meal after the fast) ready on time. Help save money for Hajj, encourage giving random charity throughout the year beyond the prescribed zakat (alms-giving) and accept a more modest lifestyle in return. Offer to make Qayal al-Lail (night prayers) together in the third part of the night, and strive to be the most caring, compassionate.
* Be his trustworthy confidante. Listen intently to his secrets. Be proud of your unique and special bond. Accept the responsibility that you share his inner most visions, goals, hopes, dreams, worries, and pain. Offer him the support that no one else can offer, simply because you are the only one that knows and understands him to his fullest. Mediate in kind tones when you sense he needs an advisor and best-friend. Take pride that you are his chosen confidante, so continue to foster an environment so he always turns to you first. Know that it is haram (prohibited) to share family secrets, especially private acts and words shared by a married couple.
Apply the art of influencing positive moods during difficult times.Being the sunshine to your husband's rainy days is difficult and tricky, yet one of the most treasured skills. Learn to listen patiently even if his anger makes you uneasy--know that your happy mood is what you want as the outcome, not his continued anger. Offer happiness to brighten his sadness. Rush to please him during times of frustration. Be a balanced, respectful leader so he values your strength, but beware that arrogance does not overcome you. Be kind and gentle often enough, without showing you are incapable or weak. Be confident and aggressive enough to teach him something new, yet not rude, abrasive or hurtful in the process. Be his wise woman...second to his mom. [Be aware that you and your mother-in-law have completely different relationships with your husband. Resisting competition shows your level of self-respect and dignity--qualities he years for in a pious wife.]
Strive to have your home his chosen place of comfort and leisure. Cleanliness, organization, brightness and clutter-freedom keep a home happy and fun. A creative woman can find her family's comfort zone and preferences. It is possible to find tones that are naturally colorful and lively yet calming. Beyond the overall pleasing appeal of your home, you need to be refreshing to him close-up too. Allow your bodily fragrances and breathe to always be worth being a cheek apart. Allow him all the reasons to rush home because it is safe, healthy, and peaceful and fun--his getaway from the daily stresses of work, and outside forces. Make a lifetime goal to establish and share all your favorite halal (permissible) past-times together. From fixing cars, cooking exotic meals, playing family board games, reciting Qur'an, learning nasheeds (Islamic songs), and grocery shopping--family time is sacred treasured time. Be your family's Leisure Leader.
Strive to be the best personal chef you possibly can. Be keen to please all his senses, which the beauty of food has the ability to do. Be patient and try to learn how to master the art of offering a refreshing scent to your nose, pleasurable texture to your fingers, appealing display to your eyes, and the peaceful silence to your ears--all in one tasty meal. Remember that this is possible with the least of foods. For example, some of the favorite foods of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, were milk, olives, olive oil, bread, cucumbers, and dates.
Be timely and aware. Organize a schedule tight enough to maintain a healthy routine and regularity to your life; yet flexible enough to allow for surprises and randomness. Know that the dunya (this life on Earth) is very short, and that every positive act is one step closer to the akhira (hereafter), inshaAllah (God willing).
Strive to please Allah and Allah Alone, may He be glorified.Make pure intentions in all that you do, especially when you are ultimately doing something "just" for your husband, children or household. Know that these are your duties as the Muslim wife, and be thankful that no good deed will ever be overlooked or under-appreciated by our One Beneficent Creator. Do not strive for the temporary conveniences of this life (such as, "Thank you" gifts, or words of praise). Be aware that you can be the greatest joy in his life and worthy of great things in the hereafter. Ameen.

Ponn Sabra MPH, a highly-prolific public health official, turned best-selling author, internet marketer and columnist, now focuses all her time and energy to being a Muslim homeschooling mom. Ponn and her 3 girls created the 1st and largest online community dedicated to American Muslim moms where they share their high-tech, traveling, green tips, tools, contests and more. Come grab some great freebies at

Un verdadero corazón musulmán

True Muslims are warm, loving people who have totally surrendered their hearts to the will of Creator. They adhere to a religion called "Islam," a word that means "submission." Like Native American traditionals, being Muslim is more than just a religion--it is a way of life. But is this way of life in harmony with Christianity? Read on and choose for yourself.
There has been much negative connotation associated with the word "Muslim" in our Western culture. Granted, there are those in Islam who desire to kill or terrorize, but that is not true Muslim. Terrorists are actually radical, counterfeit Muslims. They may call themselves Muslim, but they have gone astray. They have obviously not surrendered to Creator, who is a Spirit of unconditional love.
I had a beautiful experience recently that validated to me that "Muslim" is precious to Creator.
I was returning home from a trip, and had stopped at a gas station to fill up. As I enered the station to pay for my gas, a young, heavy set black man entered from the other door, and approached the cashier ahead of me. As I walked up and stopped behind him in line, I heard him asking the cashier if they had his gas cap. He had apparently left it there the day before when he had stopped for gas.
The cashier rather uncertainly said, "Yes, I did see it here last night." As she fumbled around looking for it, she apologized, "But I don't see it here now."
As she continued searching for it, I thought, don't look for it now lady--not while people are standing in line to pay for their gas. Then I thought, I think I have an extra gas cap in my tool box, maybe I could give him that one. But just as quickly I realized that gas caps are pretty car type dependent, and I figured it was very unlikely that he had the same car as mine.
Then I heard the cashier continue, "Maybe you could come back tomorrow, and I'll keep looking. Then you can pick it up when you come back, if I can find it."
I thought anxiously, appreciatively, yes, yes, that's the way to go. Have him come back, and look when you don't have people waiting. I really felt sorry for the young man, and I wanted him to have a gas cap, however, I also wanted to pay for my gas and be on my way.
I was standing there contemplating these things as the young man wrote a check to pay for his gas, when suddenly he turned around. He had the most beautiful smile, and his face just glowed. He asked, "Are you Muslim?"
He radiated love and warmth like I have never experienced from any other person. I was completely taken by surprise, and responded hesitantly, "Well, actually, I'm no religion, but I do believe what the Muslims believe."
I assumed he thought I was Muslim because my headdress looked like it could have been worn by a Muslim woman. However, I now realize that I am Muslim, I just do not practice the Muslim religion. Anyone who has surrendered totally to Creator is "Muslim." I am one of two prophesied witnesses sent by Creator. He has called me to help make people aware that He is Father of all religions where the adherents truly worship Him.
I will always treasure the picture of the young man backing out the door of the gas station. He continued to smile at me, and his face just glowed with love. I got the distinct impression he didn't want to leave my presence, and I felt like his love had wrapped itself around me like a wonderful warm blanket. It was awesome! Very strange!
Yet, that was only the beginning. As I got into my truck and closed the door, my truck cab filled with Creator's overwhelming presence, His wonderful unconditional love, and then I heard the words "True Muslim heart."
Then I knew. Creator had sent this young man to me. I didn't know if he had been an angel, but it wouldn't have surprised me one iota. In any case, I knew Creator wanted me to understand the unconditional love, joy, and purity, that IS a true Muslim heart!
It was beautiful, and I basked in the warmth and love of Creator's presence for several hours as I continued to drive. I knew then that "Muslim" was of Creator's doing, and that a "true Muslim heart" gives Him a great deal of pleasure.
What could be more beautiful than a heart totally surrendered to the will of Creator--a true Muslim heart? It is like the heart of an angel, a heart filled with love--a pure heart. I remembered the words of Jesus when he taught that only the pure in heart will see God.
Muslims believe the teachings of Jesus as well as the teachings of Muhammad. They believe there is only one Supreme God that all mankind must worship, and their name for Him is "Allah." They believe Allah sent a messenger named "Muhammad" with spiritual truth. He upheld the teachings of Jesus.
Muslims claim to be spiritual descendants of Abraham. They bow in worship, just as the Hebrews of old, prostrating themselves to the ground. They do this five times a day. This is all beautiful. We must remember that anything that is offered to Creator that He accepts, becomes holy. We must not desecrate that which Creator has consecrated.
Muslims have five basic pillars of their religion which make it a daily, living walk with Creator. They must exercise faith in Creator always, pray a minimum of five times a day, (obligatory prayers called salaah) give charity, fast, and perform a pilgrimage called the "Hajj," if possible. The first four pillars are relatively self-explanatory, but the Hajj might not be understood by someone not familiar with Islam.
Millions may take part in this pilgrimage each year. The rituals of the Hajj include traveling to Mecca. The pilgrims journey to the Ka'bah, a cubicle shrine in Mecca, believed to have been built by Abraham. They circle this sacred shrine seven times. Then they walk between the mountains of Safaa and Marwah seven times, as Hagar did when she was searching for water. Then the pilgrims stand in a group and pray, asking Creator for forgiveness. This is thought to be an analogy of what the Day of Judgment will be like. A festival marks the end of the Haj.
Muslim faith runs deep. They believe the teachings of Muhammad and Jesus, and the greatest desire of true Muslims is to live these teachings.
They believe their religion, Islam, is a universal religion, and a way of peace. It is a religion that is not tied to any particular people, but truly describes any person who has totally surrendered his will to the will of Creator. Aside from "man made" doctrines and rituals, any person who has thus submitted to the will of Creator is truly Muslim.
Islam teaches that all people are born with some light--an innate knowledge of Creator. That we all have a natural tendency toward worship of the Supreme God, and we are equipped with all the knowledge we need at birth to fulfill this worship. It is natural, and Islam is a natural religion.
Islam teaches that their religion is one of the heart, of conviction. It is a way of life. And as we all walk in harmony with Creator, Mother Earth, and all of creation, may we honor the Muslim faith as they also walk in the spiritual teachings of Jesus.

Dorothy was taught by Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, for over ten years in Keetoowah Cherokee spiritual ways, in Eastern philosophy, and in Judaism. She was raised Christian so she has a good working knowledge of Christianity. She now follows no religion but strives to walk the Red Road spiritual path according to Jesus teachings. She received her call from Creator in the fall of '92, and was then taught by the great prophet Elijah for four years. She was given four assurances by Creator when He called her. She was told that she was anointed by the Holy One of Israel, that she would be protected until this work was done, that Creator would go before her whenever He sent her somewhere, and that she did not have to prove herself to anyone. She is one of Creator's prophesied witnesses. She carries wisdom of many years of living under Creator's guidance and direction.
Read Red Hat Speaks by Dorothy K. Daigle to find common ground between Jesus' teachings and true Muslims.

Top Tips to Become an Ideal Muslim Mom

Los niños musulmanes tienen derechos sobre sus padres: refugio, alimentos, ropa, salud, higiene y educación. Por lo tanto, los padres están obligados a proporcionar estos para ellos. Padres deben proporcionar los medios financieros y la garantía de todas estas necesidades, mientras que las madres deben mantener y difundirlas. En ser educador primaria de los niños, las madres siempre deben esforzarse para ser cuidado, compasiva y saludable modelos que practican lo que predican.
Las mejores sugerencias para alcanzar la felicidad como una madre musulmana Ideal
Ser un estudiante de Alá - adquirir conocimiento es un deber para todo musulmán. Estudiar nuestro deen, religión y forma de vida es especialmente más importante cuando eres una madre, porque es su responsabilidad de enseñar a sus hijos lo que es importante que su fe. Y practicarlo en consecuencia tan juntos, se puede trabajar para alcanzar el objetivo mayor: entrada jennah, cielo. Los estudios deben incluir el Corán, la Sunna y el Sirah de nuestro profeta Mahoma, la paz y bendiciones sea con él, aprendiendo de los Sahabah y todos nuestros estudios seculares interrelación historia islámica, la ciencia y la cultura dentro de ellos.
Islam encarnar - todo lo que necesita saber para lograr un fuerte carácter, personalidad agradable, sonidos modales y alta moral y ética se encuentra en el Corán y la Sunna. Una mamá musulmana debe ser veraz, sincero, seguro, honesto, cariñoso, ingenioso, estable de mente y esforzarse por ser más compasivo cuidador de sus hijos que siempre sienten comodidad en cuanto a primera.
Instill investigación intelectual como la raíz para ganar conocimiento completo - allí es más beneficio para la creación de una vida-alumno por enseñarle a un niño a amar el aprendizaje, a través de razonamiento investigación, descubrimiento y fomento creación inventiva basado en su propia curiosidad.
Ser un educador interesado y adaptación. Es su deber ser astuto para cada uno de tus hijos diferentes personalidades, habilidades, fortalezas, debilidades, sensibilidades y talentos. Siendo plenamente consciente de cada una de las similitudes y diferencias de tus hijos, tienes la paciencia para atender a sus necesidades y deseos de una manera personalizada. Es imperativo que tratar a cada niño con tacto y la cantidad de atención que merecen. Al hacerlo, sus hijos nunca se dudan esa casa es su lugar más seguro en este mundo.
Ofrecer orientación en un entorno enriquecedor.Como asesor principal de sus hijos, usted debe asegurarse de mantener una atmósfera de confianza y respetuosa que les permita la comodidad de encontrar comprensión profunda y reconocimiento por todo lo que les enseña en este mundo. Cuando un niño tiene el entorno propicio, éste crecerá y prosperar en cualquiera o todos temas que enseñarles, si la educación lógica religiosa, secular, cultural, física, artística, economía doméstica, educación cívica, política, administración de dinero o cualquier lección de vida que enseñarles.
Ser un juez interdisciplinarias y simplemente encantador.Cuando usted mantener un cabello, porte honesto y paciente, tus hijos intencionalmente acepta reglas estrictas, comprensibles limitaciones, frecuentes recompensas y castigo justo. Los niños realmente prosperan en entornos que valora las reglas, porque les ofrece la oportunidad para complacer a otros en el proceso, como sus padres y Alá. Para ser más eficaz, debe permanecer firme, estable y consistente todas negociaciones, de lo contrario sus hijos socavará le autoridad si sienten que no valoran su autoridad usted mismo.
Ser un líder de diversión familia ingenioso.Es fundamental que ofrecen a sus hijos entretenimiento animado, creativo, emocionante, inesperado, divertido y colorido que es halal y admisible. Al ofrecer a sus hijos todos los placeres que este mundo tiene que ofrecer en el contexto del Islam y en el entorno seguro de la presencia de su familia, desarrollan confianza y la autoestima de su individualidad, que no se verán afectadas ni deseo haram/prohibidas fuera de influencia. Sin importar si usted vive en una cultura principalmente musulmán o no musulmán, es su deber de no permitir que sus hijos asimilar costumbres no islámica, ni se aísle de estilos de vida no islámica. Es su deber para mostrarles todas las formas de entendimiento cultural y como seguir la Sunnah se desarrollará a fuertes musulmanes dignos de ser emulado por otros en esta vida. Para vivir virtuosamente significa vivir sin miedo de ser ridículo, o deseosos de alabanza de la gente en este mundo. Después de todo, se lo debemos a usted y sus hijos querer sólo complacer a Allah y sólo él, en todo lo que hacen.

Ponnos Sabra MPH, una salud muy prolífico autor best-seller oficial, convertido, comercializador de internet y columnista, ahora se centra todo su tiempo y energía para ser mamá musulmana de la enseñanza. Ponnos y sus 3 niñas creadas la primera y más grande comunidad en línea dedican a estadounidenses musulmanes mamás donde comparten su alta tecnología, viajar, consejos verdes, herramientas, concursos y más. Vamos agarrar algunas grandes regalos en hoy!