Thursday, 14 June 2012

If Arnold Palmer was a Muslim

There is a saying that "Golf is like life only on a large scale". Have you noticed how people tie their self-esteem to its most recent rating? Golf has psychologists Golf, but for which no psychiatrists in golf? What is the psychiatric reason for 50 wars going on in the world today? Why golfers from around the world can get along perfectly but relatives are demanding each other? If today there was a modern great young looking clone of Arnold Palmer and if it was a Muslim there would not be any conflict in the Middle East. Japan would make any Japanese golfer winning the Masters Emperor Hirohito. It is my imagination or liked Japan bomb Pearl Harbor, but the time in which Isao Aoki had bent his putter until the flag at full mast United States and Japan became best friends?
Golfers have connections, but why not use? Butch Harmon spent 3 years as the Sultan of Dubai personal golf coach. Why United States does not Butch Ambassador to the United Nations rather than John Bolton.? He got the job because it relates to Michael Bolton? If the clone of Arnold Palmer modern was a Muslim named Muhammad Palmer and was invited to the Masters champions dinner, then, instead of calling Americans "The great Satans" Muslims could be idolizing Muhammad Palmer today and Augusta Georgia became the third holiest place in Islam, just behind Mecca and the Temple Mount. In order to save life on Earth, does United States can't send Butch Harmon, David Ledbetter, Hank Haney, Dave Pelz and a Korean coach ladies golf in Dubai and quickly develop some boy named Muhammad in the largest golfer since Bobby Jones? Imagine that the 18th fairway on the afternoon of Sunday at Augusta lined with Kafiyas and Burke shows Mulsims billion Jazeera Muhammad Palmer birdies 18 to beat Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Michelle Wie. Eternal peace on earth would be forever. It leaves Fuzzy Zoeller insult the falafel at the champions dinner. He would be beheaded in the locker room, which raises the question, "How would golf be so popular without violence?" The answer is that it is a distraction from violence. If you want the violence then only see Ann Coulter on CNN. How dare she call that lovely college girl "Miss Smartie Pants".?

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